Quebec: New Government is Planning for Positive towards Immigration
October 03, 2018

Quebec: New Government is Planning for Positive towards Immigration

New Government of Canadian Province Quebec Approach on Immigration

On Monday, October 1st, 2018, Canadian province Quebec chose a new government: the Coalition Avenir Quebec(CAQ) managed by Francois Legault, businessman, and politician. This current government will substitute the former Liberal Government and will begin a current path to immigration in this province.

Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ)

The CAQ is a comparatively new party, established by Legault in 2011. The party has ensured important investment in education, and a revamp of the healthcare system of Quebec. Joined with Legault’s business history, the party continues the business development opportunities in this province and a rise in the resources of the private sector.

Before this election, Quebec has been ruled by the Liberal Party for about 15 years. However, in the recent election, the Liberal Party got a historic low number of votes, giving over control of a majority government to the CAQ. As the CAQ obtains the power of their initial government, all eyes will be on Francois Legault to observe how he manages the difficulties of leading French-speaking province of Canada.

CAQ Approach towards Immigration

The CAQ executed immigration a central issue while the campaign, declaring to cut immigration levels of Quebec by around 20% and redirecting those economic resources to assure bigger immigrant integration into the culture of this Canadian Province.

It would occur in a drop of nearly 10,000 current PR's in each year. The CAQ has not granted the finishing details on which categories the immigration will be changed. Will Legault try to support through with his immigration plans. Only time will show, as the current party gets its stability in government.

Quebec Immigration

Quebec Skilled Worker (Q.S.W): For skilled workers residing inside or outside. The French language is not must. QSW utilizes a points-based method to rank and choose applicants, so only those with extremely ambitious profiles will be chosen.

Quebec Experience Program (P.E.Q): For skilled workers who can speak French with either education or work experience obtained in Quebec.

Business Immigration Streams: Quebec gives numerous immigration streams to entrepreneurs and investors who wish to invest notable amounts of economic resources and business expertise in this province.

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