Quebec City mayor seeks increase in immigration to remove labor shortage
August 29, 2018

Quebec City mayor seeks increase in immigration to remove labor shortage

Increase in immigration

The Mayor of Quebec City Régis Labeaume is seeking increase in immigration to remove the dangerous labor shortage. He was releasing the new list of annual priorities, and stated that there was an urgent need to fill up 17,000 job vacancies. A lack of manpower is a problem that can jeopardize the economic future. The mayor also highlighted that the Quebec City received six percent of newcomers who opted for migrating to the province each year. He urged that these numbers should be around 10 percent. This would result in 5,300 newcomers annually, corresponding to an increase of 2,000 over present level.

Election issue

This call comes amidst the position of political parties because the province faces general election on October 1st.

Moreover, the next government needs to improve the immigration system and reduce the processing times of applications. The process involved must be easy and also recognize the overseas degrees and professional experience.

Furthermore, he emphasized the requirement of newcomers, who speak French, as most people, who live in the Quebec City, speak French as a first language. It has earned the name as a French city and the ways to immigration success is to obtain a job and also speak the local language. When people speak French, they will attain success.

Recent immigration changes

There have been recent changes to the system which will help the province. These include introduction of a new Expression of Interest system exclusively for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Moreover, it will allow authorities in selecting proper immigration candidates who are a match to the labor market demand in the provincial regions.

Finally, the city of Quebec is the capital of Quebec Province and is an old and picturesque city. It is famous for old fashioned streets and European charm.

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