Quebec Releases Details Regarding Online Applications
September 01, 2018

Quebec Releases Details Regarding Online Applications

On August 31st, authorities of Quebec immigration released information regarding Arrima, the new system to manage applications for the Quebec Skilled Worker program . It is likely to be introduced from September. The immigrants who work with lawyers/consultants can gain full access of their information, and also the Quebec based employers can use to system to fill up job openings.

An Overview

The Quebec immigration, announced regarding QSW introducing an Expression of Interest system to manage new applications. This system is called Arrima and is similar to the federal Express Entry system . It requires the candidates to submit Expressions along with their personal details, to get the consideration for QSW. Furthermore, consequent to submitting an EOI, the province will select top candidates and send an invitation to them for submitting applications for a Certificat de selection du Quebec.

Improved Client Access To Information

Quebec has also announced that the clients working with lawyers/consultants for submitting applications will have better access to information. The individual as well as their representative should create separate accounts in Arrima. When the EOI of client is ready for submission, the client has to confirm of the details using their Arrima account. This facilitates an opportunity to review the entire information in EOI before submission.

Quebec Employers Can Use The System

Quebec has also revealed that Quebec employers can also use the web portal to find skilled workers.  Moreover, this will help them to fill job openings in the province. Quebec will release additional details on access employers from the portal, in the near future. This measure will also lead to a benefit to the interested immigrants. QSW also gives additional points to candidates who have a job offer in Quebec. This will make it easy for these persons to find success. We at Zentora will help all the aspiring immigrants in fulfilling their immigration dreams.

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