Quebec Skilled Worker A few Updates -28th July, 2018

The Quebec province proposes to introduce changes to the immigration programs on August 2. The popular program of Quebec Skilled Worker will also change making immigration easy for professionals who possess certain work experience and job offers outside Montreal.


The Quebec province is special when we consider Canadian immigration. Quebec runs its unique and independent immigration system. All other provinces are direct partners with the federal authorities. Quebec manages many immigration programs, but QSW is a popular program for the aspirants who live outside Canada.

For qualifying in this QSW, an individual has to meet certain points on the QSW grid. Additionally there is a proposal to make a few important changes in the point’s grid on August 2nd.

Changes to Points Grid

The Proposed changes On August 2nd, to the QSW point’s grid are three which will influence the immigrants through this program.

Studying in Quebec:

In the previous system, any person would receive points after completing one semester of full-time course in Quebec. The new grid requires people to complete a study program in Quebec, and also receive a DEP/AEC, or a DEC, or a diploma from a university /or degree for claiming points.

Work in Quebec:

In the previous system, a foreign national soon after obtaining three months full-time work experience in Quebec, received points. In The new system points will accrue after a person obtains 6 months work experience.

Valid Job Offer:

Candidates having a job offer from a local employer always had an advantage in QSW. In the new system, Candidates having a job offer outside the Montreal region, will get more points, and also have an advantage over others.

EOI System

Furthermore QSW will also integrate an EOI to manage all applications. Until now, authorities accepted applications for QSW on the basis of time of arrival during a designated intake period. In The new system interested candidates have to submit an EOI for the program. Subsequently QSW will choose candidates based on the EOI. Only such candidates who receive an invitation from Quebec will be eligible for submitting immigration applications officially.

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