Quebec skilled worker Expression of Interest system: New details
July 19, 2018

Quebec skilled worker Expression of Interest system: New details

New EOI system aims to reduce processing time substantially

Quebec published details regarding the new Expression of Interest system, which manages the profiles of eligible candidates in Quebec Skilled Worker Programs.

The new system, replaces the present application process, for time based arrival in the QSWP along with the Mon Projet Quebec application portal which faces many problems.

Under the fresh regulations, which will take effect on August 2, all interested candidates in the QSWP, will initially have to submit, an online EOI profile to the Ministry of Immigration.

Determining eligibility

As the first step, candidates who are above 18-years, or of a higher age, can submit a profile to EOI Bank of QSWP. These Profiles will get a score, on factors like education and training, skilled work experience, language proficiency in French/English, self-sufficiency in finance, and other criteria. For the actual consideration, all profiles should meet the necessary score of two points in education, and one point for financial self-sufficiency.

The points that the authorities give for the majority of QSWP selection factors, are similar to the present point-grid of QSWP. Furthermore, there is an exception in the Validated Employment Offer, which is increased, from 10 to 14 points. Moreover, there will be a different weight, for some variables in the Stay and Family in Quebec factor.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program selection factors

Education (14 points; cut-off score is 2 points)
Areas of training (12 points)
Work experience (8 points)
Age (16 points)
Language proficiency (22 points)
Stay and Family in Quebec (8 points)
Characteristics of Spouse/common-law partner (17 points)
Valid job offer (14 points)
Presence of accompanying children (8 points)
Financial self-sufficiency (1 point)

The second step involves profiles, which meet the initial requirements, for education/financial self-sufficiency, to have a cut-off score of 43 points, for several factors called Employability. This is based on the score of a candidate in work experience, education/training, age, proficiency in language, time spent in the province and family connection in Quebec added with a valid employment offer. A job offer, offers bonus, but is not necessary to get eligibility in the QSWP.

The cut-off score for having a common-law partner/spouse is 52. Apart from the six factors, the extra factor of education and training of the spouse, and also the experience/language proficiency carries the consideration.

The third step, involves candidates, who meet the cut-off score, to meet the threshold, in a grouping of factors, described as Selection. It has a passing score of 50 points. This step considers the points of the six factors in Employ-ability. Moreover, there is an addition of children and financial self-sufficiency. There are points, for education/training, work experience and language proficiency of a common-law partner/spouse.

Invitations not based on score

Invitations are issued to such candidates who have high scores, but changes to Immigration Act of Quebec say that other selection criteria may also apply. Section 44 states factors relating to the ability of an overseas national to stay/ settle successfully in the province, and training or a trade/occupation can also affect the invitations. Also there are other criteria like the destination in the province, a country/region having some humanitarian crisis. Even an existence of an international commitment will count here.

Candidates who have work experience, in such occupations, where there is a shortage in far flung regions of Quebec will receive a priority during election. The government also treats the reformed immigration system, as an important tool, to address labor shortages. As per an estimate, there will be one million jobs unfilled in the next 10 years.

Candidates receiving the invitation to apply for a CSQ get 90 days for submitting their application.

The processing times for CSQ applications, stands reduced to lower than 12 months in the new system. This is a welcome change from the processing time of 32-month for the applications filed in 2017.

Candidates receiving the invitation to apply for a CSQ can apply to IRCC to seek permanent residence.

The features of EOI

  • In the previous model, candidates who failed to qualify for cap-exemption status in the QSWP, could submit an application, at a specific time, and only when the fixed quota was achieved. At present, any person 18 years or older can submit the EOI profile during any time.
  • The possibility of favor to certain applications is a potential drawback.  The previous system ensured that all accepted applications got a fair share.
  • The fresh system will definitely help in the immigration process to work better, and add to the economy of the province.
  • The government now has an immigration system that is effective, forward-looking, and driven by performance.
  • This system is in line with the real needs of the society and favors the labor market also.

The immigration of other provinces and territories in Canada is managed in cooperation with the federal government, but immigration system of Quebec is independent and relies on the Government for approving the candidates it selects to gain the temporary/permanent residence.

Model  based on timing of arrival model  based on Expression of Interest
Interested applicants submit the application through the Mon project Quebec online application intake portal Interested applicants declare their interest in the program and enter the EOI Bank by completing online profile
Single applicants need to score 50 points, and applicants with a spouse/common-law partner need to score 59 points in 10 selection factors Candidates in the Quebec EOI Bank will get a score based on selection factors and wait to get invitation by the Quebec Government
Candidates wait for intake periods or submit application which remains filed in the Quebec system for a long time Successful Candidates who are selected from the Quebec EOI bank get the invitations to apply for a CSQ.
Limited intake thresholds for non-cap-exempt applicants No limit on the number EOI profiles submitted to the system
Cap-exempt applications remain under evaluation for a long time EOI profiles will be valid for 12 months from the date of submission

Changes to Quebec Experience Class

Quebec has also made two important changes to the economic immigration programs, Quebec Experience Program, or PEQ.

It is open for eligible candidates who recently achieved success in getting an eligible diploma from a school based and recognized in Quebec. Another norm is having 12 months skilled work experience in the province, in the past 24 months, and also presently employed on a full-time basis in Quebec.

Under the present PEQ requirements, candidates needed having work experience in occupations in the Skill Type O, Skill Level A or B under the NOC of Canada. This requirement was removed, and also means that candidates in occupations of Skill Level C and D, are also eligible to apply for CSQ in the Quebec Experience Program.

In another major change, Quebec now permits accompanying spouses/common-law partners of eligible candidates who work in Quebec on open work permits, to be the principal applicants of a CSQ application.

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