Quebec Skilled Worker Program opens Arrima portal -19th September, 2018

Arrima portal for Quebec Skilled Worker Program is now open

Arrima, a new online portal for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, has started its services. Now, the interested candidates, seeking Canadian PR, have a platform to express their interest, to the Quebec Government, by creating a profile through the use of Arrima.

The first step is to create an Expression of Interest profile in Arrima. The Provincial Government introduced the EOI System, for this program in August 2018. The system requires all aspiring candidates, to provide the information, regarding their area of training, education, proficiency in French, and also in other languages, apart from work experience, and other details. The Immigration Ministry of Quebec says that it will invite such candidates, who meet specified criteria. Moreover, it will focus mainly on the needs of labor market, in the regions of the Province.

All persons receiving the invitation can apply to the Quebec Government, for seeking the Quebec Selection Certificate. On receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate, they can submit a complete PR application to the federal government of Canada.

Eligibilities for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Unlike the previous model of QSWP, based on the time, presently no cap exists on the entry of the number of candidates in the QSWP bank. Furthermore, for submitting a profile, the age requirement is being 18 years old. The eligibility norms, for selection are that the candidates have to meet a passing score, for gaining the employment, and also fulfill the selection factors, outlined in the point’s grid.

Additionally, there is limited information, regarding the ranking of individuals, in the QSWP bank. There will be a system of ranking, but there is no information, whether it will be similar, to the CRS of the federal Express Entry system.

Working Style in Arrima

Aspirants enter a virtual waiting room, and get a notification, regarding their turn to use the portal. After granting access, users get 90 minutes in the portal. MIDI makes the recommendation that the candidates have to save, the information frequently, to avoid losing it. They have 30 days for completing the profile. It has a validity of one year. Candidates also can update their profile, with additional information, and they can revise it, at any time in the validity period. The invited Candidates have 90 days, to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate. We at Zentora can provide all the details regarding the latest developments at Arrima for migration to Canada through Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

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