Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Draw invites 90 Entrepreneur Candidates -4th January, 2019

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Draw

Saskatchewan Province has issued its first Entrepreneur invitations for the year on Jan 3. It is issued first Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Draw in this year and invites 90 Entrepreneur Candidates.


It has invited 90 candidates and their scores were in the range of 115 and 150 in the point’s assessment grid of the category.

Entrepreneur Category in Saskatchewan caters exclusively to the eligible candidates who are interested in establishing or acquiring a business or agree to be partners in it after meeting the specific provincial criteria. They can have an active involvement in supervising it, while residing in the Province which is known for its pleasant features and a good life.

Candidates have to submit the Expression of Interest

Additionally the eligibility norms require the interested entrepreneurs to first submit the Expression of Interest to the Immigrant Nominee Program of Saskatchewan.

This will also serve as a pre-application to screen interested candidates and arrive at their eligibility status.  It also provides them a ranking score depending upon the point’s assessment grid of Entrepreneur Category. Moreover the persons with the top score are successful in each draw. The Program does not any priority processing, nor a preferential treatment to the applications. All applicants have to meet all the requirements.


All the Entrepreneurs who are successful in receiving the invitation to apply approval letter, and also get the approval subsequently, can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, seeking the popular Temporary Work Permit. The persons who fulfill the terms and conditions of the Business Performance Agreement can apply.  The Program needs minimum six months managerial experience to seek the provincial nomination for permanent residence.

With this early beginning in the year, there is a hope that the Program will realize its goals. Such draws will help it to meet the targets allocated in 2019.

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