Saskatchewan Holds its first Draw for Express Entry Candidates
August 24, 2018

Saskatchewan Holds its first Draw for Express Entry Candidates

The Saskatchewan province has issued initial invitations exclusively to Express Entry candidates through a new system involving the Expression of Interest. It was introduced in July, and has presently revised its In-Demand Occupation List.

Totally 466 invitations were sent out to apply for the provincial nomination to candidates in the Express Entry sub-category of SINP . The score requirement was 68.

The update, also mentions that the all selected candidates had Educational Credential Assessment in the Expression of Interest. All E.E. candidates who submit the application and get a provincial nomination get a 600 additional points towards their Comprehensive Ranking System score.

The eligibility norms for the SINP’s EE sub-category require the candidates to register an EOI profile with the SINP. They get a rank out of 100 points based on the answers concerning education, work experience, English/French, proficiency and also other factors.

Eligibility Norms for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program:

  • A minimum score of 60 points out of 100 on the SINP’s grid;
  • Post-secondary education, apprenticeship or training of one year that awards a diploma, degree or certificate.
  • Degrees/diplomas that are obtained outside Canada must have an Educational Credential Assessment from an official organization.
  • Possess work experience in a high-skilled occupation in the National Occupational Classification in designated O, A or B and must figure on In-Demand Occupations List of the province.
  • Candidates need to show a proof of having the professional status/license for a regulated occupation.

The initial step of the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program Express Entry sub-category involves entering the profile in the federal EE pool.

Update Regarding SINP in-Demand Occupations

SINP has also announced revision the In-Demand Occupations List to ensure that nominees having a positive employment prospect pass the selection process. Furthermore the nominations must not exceed demand for employment.

The In-Demand Occupations List is applicable to SINP’s Express Entry and also to the sub-categories of Occupations In-Demand of the 22 occupations figuring on the update of the In-Demand List. Here three of them do not need obtaining specific professional license. The Government needs professional licenses from the relevant organizations for 19 occupations only.

The SINP undergoes expansion as well as contraction also in the eligible occupation list in different times. It depends on the applications it receives and also on the labor market demand. The validity of the profiles is for one year.

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