Saskatchewan issues invitations in Top Demand Occupations through the new EOI system
September 22, 2018

Saskatchewan issues invitations in Top Demand Occupations through the new EOI system

The new EOI system in Saskatchewan issues invitations in highly Demanded Occupations

Presently, The SINP is following an Expression of Interest system for the sub-categories of Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry.

Saskatchewan issued its initial invitations by using the new EOI system for its Occupations In-Demand sub-category. In an update, the Program informs of issuing 140 invitations to candidates of the Occupations In-Demand sub-category. It attracts eligible skilled workers having adequate work experience in an in-demand occupation of Saskatchewan.

The candidate with the lowest rank had scored 75 points in point assessment grid. Moreover, the SINP also specified that Educational Credential Assessments was completed for all the invited aspirants. This is a requirement for applying to the Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination.

The interested candidates in the Occupations In-Demand sub-category have to initially complete an EOI pre-application process, for determining their eligibility.

Meeting the norms

Additionally they should also meet the threshold of 60 points out of 100 in factors like work experience, education and training, proficiency in language, age, and connections to provincial  labor market  besides adaptability. The aspirants who meet these criteria and the other parameters of the sub-category enter the pool of candidates. Here they get a rank for competition against others.

EOI candidates who get the high scores receive the invitations for applying seeking provincial nomination from the province. There are periodic draws. The number of invitations to issue in every draw depends on employment demands as well the annual processing targets.

The Candidates gaining the approval in the provincial nomination can subsequently apply to the federal government and seek the permanent residence. Furthermore, the province issued its initial invitations in favor of EOI candidates on August 21.

Attracting the best talents

After this change the Program can attract the immigration candidates in a better manner. They have the potential to succeed in the labor market.

The goal of the system is ensuring strong economic results. Besides it selects such candidates which can be retained in Saskatchewan.

In the past, SINP was using the time based approach for applications in the two sub-categories. There was a focus on quick applying when the program was open periodically. The EOI system prioritizes the human capital of a candidate. It is in use by the majority of Canadian provinces .  At Zentora, we guide, all the aspirants and have a professional team for them.

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