Saskatchewan Occupations in-Demand immediately closes after opening
June 09, 2018

Saskatchewan Occupations in-Demand immediately closes after opening

History of the sub-category

The Occupations In-Demand sub-category of Saskatchewan opened for a brief period seeking 400 applicants and also closed within a few hours.

This was similar to the previous opening on Aug. 2nd, 2017, when it successfully reached its intake limit set at 1,200 applications quickly.

This sub-category, works on the basis of the timings of arrival. This means that the 400 individuals who apply quickly can submit their applications. With such a schedule the candidates need to have all the necessary provincial and federal forms and essential documents handy.


These documents are:

  • Documents regarding Identity and Civil Status;
  • Passports;
  • All Credentials regarding Education and Training;
  • All Credentials regarding Work Experience;
  • Proof of Professional Status or Licensure;
  • Finally the Language credentials

Moreover these documents need to be clear and have easily readable copies of the original documents. In case the documents are in languages other than English or French, they need to submit the following:

  • A copy of the original document;
  • A copy of the English or French translation of the document; and,
  • A copy of the affidavit issued by the translator, specifying their translation ability

The guidelines also clarify that the applications submitted accompanying the missing or untranslatable documents are incomplete and the application is treated as closed.

What this means

The brief opening of this SINP’s sub-category reminds the need of being well-prepared and keeping all the documents in order. Such Candidates who are prepared and also have the correct documentation besides a thorough knowledge of the application process can succeed when such short PNP streams open.

Details regarding the International Skilled Worker Occupations In-Demand sub-category

Furthermore, Persons interested to apply in this sub-category do not need a job offer for submitting the application.

This sub-category is a base program, and it is not in alignment with the selection system of federal Express Entry.

In case the candidate succeeds in getting the nomination under this Program’s Occupations In-Demand sub-category, it leads to issuing of a provincial nomination certificate to the applicant.

After finally obtaining the provincial nomination certificate, the applicant as well as the eligible family members can apply to IRCC seeking PR status.

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