Selecting the right canadian city is important for database analysts - July 24, 2018

Database analysts need to realize the importance of conducting research regarding salary information when they move to Canada. The gap in earning potential is important depending upon the place of residence.

Senior database analysts having similar qualifications stand to make $90,000 annually in Montreal, compared to $116,000 in Calgary. Additionally, Canadian cities have vastly different labour markets, where different places value some jobs higher than others.


Montreal and Halifax are the two cities which have top salaries lower than $100,000 for database analysts. In other major cities, a database analyst has to strive for six figures.

After Calgary, Toronto ($114,500), Vancouver ($114,100), Ottawa ($113,900) and Edmonton ($113,200) are the top five cities for a high salary for a database analyst.

Entry level salary also has a similar pattern, and Calgary is at the top of the list at $65,000. Montreal has the lowest salary at $50,000.

Canada’s major Technology Occupations?

  • Computer Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • IT Project Manager

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