To Overcome Labour Shortages Canada is Looking for More SMEs Immigrants
September 07, 2018

To Overcome Labour Shortages Canada  is Looking for More SMEs Immigrants

SME’s of Immigrant have the Potential to Solve the Acute Labour Shortage in Canada

Approximately 40 percent of small and medium businesses of Canada are fighting to grow because labor shortage of Canada means they cannot get sufficient new employees to fill jobs. A new report shows the sharp end of Canada’s shortening labor market and its primary impact on the growth of the economy.

The Canadian Business Development study shows S.M.Es are choosing younger, incapable workers for more pay or immigrants to try and fill gaps in the labor pool.

Canadian SMEs Are Striving to Get New Employees

B.D.C’s report , designated ‘Labour Shortage: Worker Deficiency in Canada and What Businesses Can Do to Counter,’ saw 39 percent of S.M.Es of Canada have trouble hiring new staff.

It forces firms that have not done so now to consider applying to immigrants to obtain the skills and experience they require. The bottom line is that businesses who not able to recruit adequate staff are 65 percent more likely to be classified as ‘low-growth.’

In particular provinces, deficiencies are even sharper. Some 50 percent of Atlantic region of Canada S.M.Es say they are having difficulty finding new staff, related to 45 percent in northern Canada and British Columbia and 40 percent in the province of Ontario .

Governments of Federal and provincial are well conscious of the problems in the Atlantic region of Canada, opening the Atlantic Immigration Pilot as a way to catch the critical shortage.

The report gives suggestion to businesses on plans to obtain and keep the staff required to assist increase. Among them is recruiting more immigrants, seen as a critical way to undertake Canada’s labor shortages. Other methods involve increasing efficiency, using higher technology and starting formal policies of human resources.

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