Software Engineers have a great Demand in Canada -19th June, 2018

The economy in Canada always needs skilled technology workers. Qualified Software Engineers are hired immediately by Canadian employers.

The skilled and experienced Software Engineers are in a position to move to Canada in two weeks by using the Global Talent Stream .

At first they can get a temporary work permit, and then they can submit an application seeking permanent residence. This is processed in a quick manner. When there is a job offer and the resume has in-demand qualifications and experience, the process is quick through the Express Entry system.

A Software Developer is responsible for all applications on Smart phones and is the backbone of major computer programs also. Many industries presently depend on software for their working. Furthermore not only technology companies but also other companies are building new applications and programs. Skilled workers can pick their jobs in a field which gives more importance to candidates.

  • Salary range: $83,000 to $99,000
  • 267 vacancies on Job Bank
NOC code Job description NOC
2173 Software Engineers and Designers A

Activities of a Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is vital for a business which makes computer programs or needs customization of third-party software. They work towards testing, writing, and editing programs. In this field there is a great need for specialists in different levels of development. It is fast moving. Software Engineering Graduates need to learn on the job, or their knowledge becomes outdated quickly.

Qualifications of a Software Engineer

Software Engineers graduate with Computer Science or Computer Programming degrees. More and more colleges/universities today offer majors in specific Software Engineering. Degrees in math or science also form a base in the career of a Software Engineer. They also need in-depth knowledge of programming languages like Java, C++ and Python. They also must understand HTML5, CSS3 and Content Management Systems.

Canada-Specific Requirements for Software Engineers

Presently Canada has no formal and specific qualifications for these Engineers. Candidates who have qualifications from overseas require a Canadian equivalent assessment as a part of the application process. Canada presently has a recruitment drive for technology workers, and this makes Software Engineers hugely popular employees.

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