Top Jobs in Canadian Express Entry Immigration receiving a great response -12th April, 2019

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We present some of the likely Top Jobs for Canada Immigration where the candidates can receive an ITA in Express Entry in the present year.

For the heavy demand positions in Canada occupations in the Technology and Engineering domains are at the top. These jobs also figure in the NOC 21 for professional occupations in natural/applied sciences, which had 14,320 admissions to the country using the Express Entry in 2018. Jobs like the Web Designers, Software Developers, Computer Programmers and Engineers, Chemical Engineers made up 16 percent of the Express Entry admissions.

Occupations in the NOC 11 category are auditors and accountants, human resources professionals and consultants engaged in business management.

There were furthermore, 92,235 Express Entry admissions for 2018 which is an increase of 41 percent in 2017 (65,415 admissions).

The conclusion is:

  1. Top skilled immigration to Canada shows an increasing trend, and
  2. Express Entry presently is the established pathway for top skilled immigrants.

Top Express Entry Admissions by Intended Occupation

  • The two top in-demand fields in Canada are Technology professionals and engineers in natural and applied sciences falling under the same category of the NOC.

This will continue to dominate among the skilled workers gaining the admission in Express Entry. The NOC also includes are architects and surveyors, along with mathematicians and statisticians.

Additionally, the Job Bank shows that there are 1,970 vacancies for engineers in the country.  They have great demand. Furthermore, the salaries for engineers are in the range of $60,000 - $120,000 based on the position, and experience of a candidate and also the employers’ location. The position of a software developer in NOC 21 had 673 vacancies in the Job Bank in the salary range of $70,000 -$130,000.

  • Professional occupations in business and finance

Qualified accountants are also important in a business.  They have a high demand.

Occupations in NOC 11 have auditors and accountants, and professionals engaged in human resource and business service.

Furthermore, the Job Bank shows 463 vacancies for accountants.  Salary is in the range of $50,000 -$100,000, depending on skills, and experience.

The human resources positions had a posting of 790 jobs.  Salary was dependent on the seniority in the range of $60,000 - $150,000.

  • Special middle management jobs

Also, there was a broad range of middle management roles under NOC 01-05, having administrators, financial and engineering managers and managers engaged in information systems.

The NOC 21 features professionals having technical ability in engineering and IT and, managers in these fields come under NOC 01-05.

Moreover, the Job Bank features 505 vacancies for financial managers, in the salary range of $75,000 -$150,000.

Also, 303 Jobs for engineering managers were unfilled in the salary range of $75,000 (entry-level positions) -$140,000 for senior roles.

  • Administrative supervisors, financial supervisors, and other administrative occupations

Finance-office supervisors, HR and recruitment officers, and Legal Administrative Assistants feature in NOC 12.

In 2018, the strength of administrators coming to Canada using the Express Entry was 4,265. They were also the fourth largest group. Additionally, the Job Bank shows 200 available positions for recruiters and associated officers. They were in the Salary range of $40,000 - $75,000, and also enjoyed benefits and commission.

  • Technical jobs in natural and applied sciences

NOC 22 covers occupations in engineering and IT and had 3,645 immigrants arriving through EE in 2018.

Important posts in it were Computer Network Technicians, user support and testing technicians, information systems technicians, technologists and technicians involved in engineering.

The Job Bank also shows 131 vacancies exclusively for computer network technicians. The Salary was in the range $60,000 (for entry-level posts) -$120,000 for senior posts.

  • Professional occupations in education services

Expert College and university professors are popular Express Entry immigrants to Canada. In the NOC 40, 2,695 immigrants reached Canada using the Express Entry in 2018.

  • Service supervisors and special service Jobs

Important positions in NOC 63 for these occupations include chefs, cooks, butchers, and bakers.

Fishmongers and Butchers have good demand.

They had 2,180 admissions using the Express Entry NOC 63last year.

  • Retail sales supervisors and specialized sales occupations
NOC 62 includes retails sales supervisors that is a top demand occupation in Canada. There were 2,115 Express Entry admissions in 2018. The jobs were real estate agents, wholesale buyers, and insurance brokers.

  • Middle management occupations in retail/wholesale trade and also the customer services 1,820 persons arrived in this category in 2018.
  • Professional occupations in health

Doctors have a good demand in Canadian provinces, and the medical fields are covered in NOC 31 for professional health occupations.

The NOC facilitates the entry of physicians, Dentists pharmacists, veterinarians, chiropractors, nutritionists as well as therapists. This domain had 1,775 arrivals last year.

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