UK Set to Launch a Digital Tier-4 Visa Process
September 14, 2018

UK Set to Launch a Digital Tier-4 Visa Process

UK Rolling Out a Digital Tier-4 Visa Process

The Visas and Immigration authorities in the UK are putting on is trial a visa service in the digital Tier 4 visa, where international students need not leave their passport with a Visa Issuing Office. This has the risk of loss of important documents. This will be a digitized, streamlined, and accessible service.

Aims to Improve the Customer Service

This visa process will improve the customer service and also greatly reduce the risk of losing the documents. Presently, the applicants seeking the Tier 4 Student Visa and living outside the nation must apply online. Additionally, they need paying a fee, before being present at the UK Visa Application Centre for submitting, their documents and enrolling for their bio metrics.

There will be many advantages when students do not have to surrender their documents. Applicants can apply for a Tier 4 from the limits of UK, in case they switch from another visa or also extend their present Tier 4 visa, after they gain the approval in a course of study in the country.

Furthermore, the Home Office takes many weeks for processing the application that is submitted in the Kingdom. It needs ten working days for returning important documents, which causes anxiety and concern in the applicants.

Policy Launch in the Future

Paul Jeffrey, UK Home Office Head, Student Migration Policy, stated that on the condition of approval by parliament, and as per the immigration rules, the fresh Digital Visa Service for applicants within the country will be launched in the future. This will successfully eliminate the potential for losing the documents and passports by couriers in transit.

By using the Front End Services, the authorities are looking forward to develop a digitized, streamlined, and accessible application service. This will facilitate biometric capturing, identity checking, and the digitization of support documents.

Moreover, such visa process will arrange for attending a service point after the applicant applies online for a visa. Here there will be a checking of identity, collection of biometrics and digitization of documentation before they leave with supporting evidence.

However, there is a need of a policy regarding the travel of applicants on their passport when the application is under process. It is likely that the new system will start working from November 2018.

There will be some time for advising the students as well as the staff and to understand it, until the busy time for students is over for extension of visas.

It will offer advantages to students. They can avoid surrender of their documents and also do not have to wait for a long period for their return. There are a few concerns regarding extra charges for the service and the distance for which the students have to travel for finding a processing centre. The present cost for a standard application is £475 to switch /extend a Tier 4 visa. The students will wait for the final details.

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