UK Universities Group keeps keen to offer Post-education Visa for Indian students
September 04, 2018

UK Universities Group keeps keen to offer Post-education Visa for Indian students

Demand for a new outlook

A representative body of the leading universities in UK issued a call regarding a new post-study visa. This will also address a decline in overseas students from nations like India. The Kingdom had in 2012, scrapped the post-study work visa which gave the permission to global students to continue to stay and carry out work for two years after they graduated.

Prof Steve Smith , Chairman of International Policy Network of Universities in UK, said the chief reason of students, from India, to select other destinations, to pursue their overseas education , was that Great Britain lacked the option, of post-study work. Such measures would affect the United Kingdom. Additionally it will result in UK losing its position as a leading destination of the world for international students.

Allows capable Global Students

The new temporary Global Graduate Talent Visa comes with the aim to allow capable global students to work in a skilled occupation in the Kingdom for two years after graduating.  Other countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada offer a post-study option. This is   a part of the changes to their respective immigration policies.

As per the recent figures, the Indian students arriving to The Kingdom were 24,000 per year in 2010-11, but in 2015-16 they were only 9,000. Sadiq Khan , the London Mayor informed the Home Office regarding having better post-study options to prevent the decline.

Britain needs to be an attractive destination for all talented students. The new visa proposal will have the participation of institutions engaged in higher education which are registered as Tier 4 sponsors . They can sponsor these graduates to search for work and gain sufficient experience in the UK for two years.

Benefits for Tier 2 Sponsorship

Moreover, this visa will facilitate a route to settle in the country and also provide flexibility to students to gain work experience. Additionally it will allow several employers having a presence in all parts of the UK to employ them and take benefits. The small and medium employers, who presently do not possess Tier 2 sponsorship licenses, will also benefit. The group believes that such a proposal is timely because the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is soon going to present a report regarding the costs and benefits of global students to the government.

Furthermore, this government believed that there was an abuse of the post-study visas in the past. There is the exit-check data, of the Home Office that show 98 percent of students leaving the UK on time. There is no substance to show that many students overstayed.

Support for International Students

There is much support for international students and graduates. 72 percent of British adults participating in the survey said that international students should stay for one year after their post graduation and gain work experience.

Such a study visa would offer advantages and put the UK at a similar level to Australia, the US, and Canada.

Presently, the UK needs an immigration policy to make it competitive regionally and globally.

This proposal, comes after consulting business groups, and is a follow up of UK Home Secretary’s statement regarding taking a fresh look at the immigration policy. This will help the United Kingdom employers, in filling the vital skills gaps. It will lead to growth, and make the universities competitive internationally.

The future has hopes

At present Indian students must find an occupation carrying a salary of GBP 20, with the employer in possession of a Tier 2 sponsor license. The period is in four months of completion of course. The other option is finding sponsorship as an entrepreneur . PhD students can stay for a year after completion of course.

The new Global Graduate Talent Visa envisages a long period to search for a Tier 2 role . Finally it will permit local employers to take the benefit of top talented graduates.

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