Firms in US Concerned about H-1B Visa Denials to Indians
September 05, 2018

Firms in US Concerned about H-1B Visa Denials to Indians

Tough Development for Work Visas

The USA is narrowing down the arrival of overseas workers in the country. It is also setting up new blocks, which result in limiting arrivals. There is a series of Denial of work visas , and the administration forces applicants to give added information. There is a frequent delay in approvals in comparison to the past. Consequently, several businesses and establishments like hospitals, technology companies and hotels, are now facing hardship.

The worry in the corporate circles is regarding the effect of loss of talents in the fields of engineering and programming, to Canada. Recently, it has started to welcome more  skilled overseas workers . The President has signed an Executive Order, on Buy American and Hire American . It directs officials to enforce immigration laws strictly. Moreover, there is an increased red tape making it hard to get employment visas.

An analysis of Government Data by the National Foundation of American Policy reveals that the rate of denial for H-1B visa petitions in the category of skilled workers increased by 41 percent in the last quarter of the FY 2017.

A Challenge to the US Administration

The Business Round table, working for corporate leaders, challenged the US Administration regarding the changes that threaten the livelihood of skilled overseas workers. Moreover they also affect the growth and competitive capacities.

The H-1B visa- a non-immigrant visa which allows many US companies to hire overseas workers in specialty occupations which require theoretical/technical expertise. Several Technology companies depend on for hiring employees each year from India and China.

The administration wants reform in the visa system, as it feels that some IT companies are abusing the work visas and denying jobs to local workers. India will discuss the issue with the USA, and will raise it at the 2+2 dialogue happening on September 6. Additionally, the USA extended temporary suspension of premium processing for H-1B visas by five months for removal of the backlog.

Statistics proving the case

The annual numerical limit cap of H-1B visa is 65,000 in each fiscal year, as per the mandate of the Congress. There are a few exemptions for H-1B workers who are employed in institution of higher education, or in non-profit entities, and also in non-profit research or government research organization.

Finally a report In July claims that there is a great increase in denial of these visa petitions made by Indians in comparison to other nations. In case you have any issues we can guide you at Zentora

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