Vancouver has great Salaries for Java Developers in Canada
September 18, 2018

Vancouver has great Salaries for Java Developers in Canada

Java Developers paid Best in Vancouver- Canada

The best salary that a Java Developer can have in Canada is in Vancouver. This is exclusive to technology industries located in the major cities.

Presently, Vancouver is at the top among all Canadian cities. Here a skilled and qualified Java Developer can get a salary of $115,000.

British Columbia is famous for many high profile IT Jobs in Canada. Moreover, there is a B.C. PNP Tech Pilot which is specific in targeting the top demand workers.

Top Technology Occupations in Canada are:

  • Computer Engineers and Programmers
  • Software Engineer and Developers, and
  • IT Project Manager

The other destinations which have a good salary for Java Developers after Vancouver , are Calgary -$104,800, Toronto -$103,200 Ottawa $102,800 and Edmonton $102,300. Furthermore, Quebec City has a top salary of $92,800 for this position.

Furthermore, regarding the salary for Entry-level Java Developers, Calgary is a good destination and has a starting salary of $65,000 for the position among the other major cities. Vancouver is next with a starting salary of $63,900. Toronto and Ottawa have it at $63,500.

Finally, the least entry-level salary is at Regina, Saskatchewan, where a fresh Java Developer can make $45,900. The philosophy of working of Zentora is based on providing ideal solutions to all professionals. All the aspirants can contact us for the latest information.

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