Victorian State Nomination Program- Notable Changes - September 12, 2018

The 457 streamlined pathway has been withdrawn. It means that the appeals boarded on and after Monday 10 Sept 2018 will not be progressed. The program yet offers the other pathway to surviving 457 visa holders however the appeals will not be advanced.

It was launched by the Government of Victoria as a “Streamlined Pathway” to PR for the 457 visa holders below the category of General Skilled Migration.

They allowed state nomination appeal to be managed in 2 weeks as correlated to the standard processing time of 12 weeks. This was a beautiful pathway for the 457 visa holders in Victoria as others had opportunities to promote their process of permanent residency said by Chaman Preet, Migration Experts and Students in Melbourne. The current changes stated to the expanded ‘Invitation Only’ process of application.

As per the Government website, for the process streamline, Victoria has launched an invitation-only appeal process for three categories:

  • All professions in the category of Information & Communication Technology, such as professions like ICT Project Manager, Systems Analyst Business Analyst, etc.
  • All Industries in the Building & Engineering and Nursing category
  • All candidates with 457 Visa and candidates containing valid job offers

This means that the candidates first could require to present an E.O.I via skill select and then if asked would have to present an E.O.I appeal, tells Chaman Preet, adding Beginning the process for State nomination of Victoria was that the candidates presented their application straight to the Victorian State and were then invited.

Different change that has become into force from today involves standardizing skilled nomination processing times of application. An additional change to regulate processing times will improve drive more program effectiveness and enhance customer experience.

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