Will the exit of Britain send more people to Work Abroad? -18th July, 2018

The exit of Britain from the EU is in the news often and there is a growing anxiety regarding the scenario this will set for the green economy of the UK. There are observers of the large number of industries which begin to plan their exit.

These companies had helped to make the UK a leader of the green economy. In case 0f an exit, this will have an impact on the average worker. There is a possibility that the exit of Britain from the EU will send great number of workers to migrate. This will add to the present 5 million expatriates who are already residing and working abroad. These are some of the concerns of British from all sections and spheres.

Reasons of this behaviour

Looking at the dispersion of expatriates who work abroad, one will not find them in the EU at present.

The exit comes being surrounded by warnings that a majority of continental workers will return home after the end of their jobs. British mainly seek jobs abroad in these three countries. These are Australia, United States, and Canada. These countries top the list and each nation has a sizeable landmass and enough job opportunities linked to their huge size. The move to Australia is not at all difficult for British expatriates because they see it as a home away from home. There is a great coastline and even the culture is similar to the UK. The process of, assimilation is easy.

Other facts

Furthermore, Canada and the US, have a huge land mass. Additionally there are plenty of opportunities there. Australia is a top destination and also has the largest number of British expatriates.

Seeking a Work Abroad need not be Frightening because there are statistics revealing that around 6 million British citizens live and work abroad.

It is a fact that Australia employs Approximately 1.3 million British, the United States 800,000 expats and finally Canada has 700,000 expats.

Thus the countries which employ the greatest number of expats are not located in the Euro zone. Moreover, these three economies are flourishing.

Losing Hope is improper

Recently there was a controversy regarding whether many people will be jobless when Brexit finally happens. There is a possibility of having more vacancies, owing to the return of a large number of European workers, to their countries of origin in case there are no trade agreements.

The only fact the general public hears is regarding the companies that might move to the Euro zone. This will be level by the number of EU workers returning to their countries of origin.

Companies planning to Leave the due to Brexit

Until March 2018, eight companies have announced their intention to leave or opening new offices on the European continent when Brexit happens. Some companies are large, but the workers of UK will get the option to work on the continent after undergoing proper registration.

These Companies are:

  1. Diageo
  2. Easy Jet
  3. Deutsche Bank
  4. Goldman Sachs
  5. Barclay’s
  6. Microsoft
  7. Smiffy’s
  8. Lloyds of London

Some of these companies have a parent company located in the UK. Some of them plan to open subsidiaries in the EU and continue trading. Others also intend to change their plans regarding opening branches in the UK.

Job Seekers Need to Relocate

There is uncertainty. Jobs will exist and the jobseekers submitting their CV should consider relocating to the continent. The economy today is in such a situation where the analysts feel that the break from the EU will be complicated if talks do not go as planned. All jobseekers must apply to the select companies but should also know regarding the relocation aspects.

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