Quebec Experience Class

Foreign graduate or foreign temporary worker in Quebec can file applications for CSQ (Quebec selection certificate) in the class of skilled worker. However, age of the applicant must be 18 or above and must plan to enter Quebec labor market in a short period if he or she is currently pursuing studies in the province.

Regular selection plan under this class is available for:

  • Foreign students in Quebec
  • Temporary workers

Selection factors for foreign students and temporary workers in Quebec:

Applications under this section will be evaluated depending on socio-occupational features and those of one's accompanied spouse.

Individual's application will be processed based on a selection grid .One has to acquire required number of points in order to be granted a CSQ.

Following are the factors based on which the applications are evaluated

  • Training
  • Experience at work
  • Age
  • French or English language skills
  • Period of stay in Quebec
  • Family relationship with a citizen of Canada or Quebec's permanent citizen
  • Characteristics of spouse, who accompanies an individual
  • Financial self sufficiency
  • Adaptability

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