Danish Green Card

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Individuals seeking work and willing to work in Denmark afterwards have to be approved of a residence permit under Denmark Green card scheme.

Residence permit under the Green card scheme authorizes an individual to execute paid or unpaid work. Though, does not authorize an individual to run one's own business.


To be approved of a residence permit under this scheme an individual must:

  • Gain at least 100 points under the points based system
  • Have complete health insurance for oneself as well as for the accompanied family members until the time they are covered by Danish National Health Insurance.
  • Document that he or she can financially support oneself through the first year of stay in Denmark. In case, an individual wishes to apply for a resident permit for family members who come along , one must document that he or she can support the family members as well.
  • Not accept any assistance from the public while staying in Denmark

 Points system

Denmark Green Card scheme is issued based on individual's assessment on the point based system for age, adaptability, experience, education and language skills


During the time of submission of the application an individual can gain points depending on age under this scheme.


An individual can be awarded points for either work or education in relation to Switzerland or EU/ EEA as one has more ability to adapt to the labor market of Denmark very soon.


Points can be awarded for work based on number of years that one has worked as a researcher in less than the previous five years in the areas where Denmark is presently going through a shortage of eligible professionals.


Level of academic degrees may differ from one nation to other even though they possess the same title. For ex: a Bachelors degree of one country may not be equivalent to Bachelor's degree of Denmark.

If the education of the applicant is lower that the equivalent academic degree of Denmark, one will not gain sufficient points to be approved of a resident permit.


Applicants are awarded points based on the four-level system resembling the official Danish language ability for foreigners. To gain points for language proficiency one must document that he or she has passed an exam in Danish, German, English, Norwegian or Swedish.

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The Denmark embassy charges an application fee for each Denmark Green Card visa applicant.

Denmark Green Card Application Fee

Single Applicant-INR 12850

Dependents-INR 12850 each

Verification Charges

Single Applicant-INR 7304

Dependent-INR 2107 each

Additional fee payment towards Denmark embassy

Single Applicant-DKK 6485

Dependent-DKK 2095 each

Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.

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