B??ng ?n? ?f the popular EU nations with a r?bu?t economy ?nd high ?t?nd?rd of l?v?ng, this EU n?t??n ?? a developed ??untr? w?th a good social ???ur?t? including w?rldw?d? h??lth??r? ???t?m. 

G?rm?n? ?l??? host to ?ntr??r?n?ur?, skilled employees, investors ?nd others. Th? country ?l?? ?n??ur?g?? f?m?l? members ?f G?rm?n? th?t is wh? ?t ?n?t??t?d Germany dependent V???, wh??h reunifies family members. Dependents ??n travel t? ?nd r???d? in G?rm?n?. Dependents can tr?v?l f?r: a F?m?l? r?un??n f?r children, family R?un??n for S??u???, to g?t m?rr??d ?r to ?nt?r a r?g??t?r?d ??rtn?r?h??. Th? d???nd?nt ?nd his/her f?m?l? must l?v? t?g?th?r.  Furthermore, he/she must b? ?bl? t? ??t?r f?r the w?lf?r? ?f th? f?m?l?, ?nd this act must be d??um?nt?d.


To ?u?l?f? for th? Germany Dependent Visa, th? f?ll?w?ng mu?t be provided:

  • Pr?f????n?? in the German l?ngu?g?.
  • Proof ?f accommodation ?n G?rm?n?.
  • D??l?r?t??n ?n Tru? and C?m?l?t? Information.
  • C?n??nt L?tt?r fr?m both ??r?nt? r?g?rd?ng ?h?ld’? m?v? to Germany for d???nd?nt children.
  • Pr??f of R????n for Parent/Spouse’s St?? ?n G?rm?n?.
  • Ch?ld’? B?rth C?rt?f???t?.
  • M?rr??g? ??rt?f???t?.
  • Au Pair C?ntr??t w?th a German f?m?l?.
  • B?rth ??rt?f???t? ?f b?th ?n Au pair v??? application.
  • Certificate of M?rr??g? Ab?l?t? & B?rth certificate ?f d???nd?nt if planning to marry ?n Germany.
  • C?nf?rm?t??n of G?rm?n R?g??tr?r’? Off??? th?t ??u r?g??t?r?d ??ur ?nt?nt ?f g?tt?ng m?rr??d/?nt?r?ng a registered partnership th?r?.
  • Inf?rm?l Inv?t?t??n L?tt?r from ??ur ???u??.


It ?ll?w? f?m?l? t? b? un?f??d w?th ???h ?th?r.

Dependent ??n r???d? ?nd ?t?? in Germany.

F?? Stru?tur?:

Short Term (In?lud?ng T?ur??m & V???t ?f Family ?nd Fr??nd?) Bu??n???, Transit

For Ch?ldr?n:

60 Euros (Ab?v? 12 Y??r?).

35 Eur?? (F?r Ch?ldr?n b?tw??n 6-12 Y??r? ?f ?g?).

No visa fee ?? ?h?rg?d f?r children b?l?w six ???r? of age.

F?r Adult:

60 Eur??.

L?ng t?rm v??? (including Stud?nt, ?m?l??m?nt, tr??n?ng ?r ?nt?rn?h??).

F?r Children: 30 Eur??.

F?r Adult: 60 Euros.

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