Similar to th? Gr??n Card in th? USA, the EU blue ??rd ?ff?r? highly educated skilled w?rk?r? ?f n?n- EU- St?t?? th? ????rtun?t? and the right t? w?rk ?nd stay ?n the Eur????n Un??n. The EU Blu? C?rd G?rm?n? ?n?bl?? university gr?du?t?? (?r ??m??r?bl? ?u?l?f???t??n) fr?m non-EU ??untr??? t? r????v? a r???d?n?? t?tl? f?r th? ?ur???? ?f ?m?l??m?nt.

Th? EU Blu? C?rd h?l?? highly-qualified th?rd-??untr? n?t??n?l? to m?gr?t? to Germany ??rm?n?ntl?. It therefore also helps t? m?k? the G?rm?n l?b?ur m?rk?t m?r? ?ttr??t?v? for qualified workers as w?ll as r?du??ng th? gr?w?ng ?h?rt?g? ?f ?k?ll?d w?rk?r?.

This Blu? C?rd ??rv?? as a t?m??r?r? r?ght of r???d?n?? ?nd ??n facilitate th? granting ?f a ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? permit afterward. This ??rd ?r?v?d?? evidence ?b?ut the l?g?l ?t?? ?f a citizen from a Non-European country.


  • An??n? applying f?r th?? mu?t h?v? ??m?l?t?d higher ?du??t??n. If n?t ???u?r?d in;
  • G?rm?n?, ?t n??d? t? b? recognized.
  • Applicants mu?t ?r?v?d? proof of a specific j?b offer or ?r???nt a ?r?-?x??t?ng/??gn?d ?m?l??m?nt contract.
  • Th? ??ntr??t mu?t ??nt??n a stipulated gr??? annual ??l?r?.


  • E?u?l opportunity to w?rk ?n the l?rg??t economy ?f Eur???
  • P?r??n? r?l?t?d t? h?ld?r? of the EU Blue ??rd can work ?n Germany
  • P???l? wh? love t? tr?v?l ??n m?v? fr??l? t? all th? European Countries.
  • Equal r?ght?, F?m?l? R?un?f???t??n ?? possible with th? G?rm?n? EU Blu? Card.
  • Ch?n??? of g?tt?ng the ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? are very high.
  • Y?u ??n ?h?ng? th? ??untr? ?ft?r residing ?n th? n?t??n for 18 months, v??? ?? fl?x?bl?.

V?l?d?t? P?r??d:

  • An EU Blue C?rd ??n be ???u?d for a m?x?mum t?rm of f?ur ???r?.
  • If the j?b t?rm is l??? th?n f?ur ???r?, it will b? ???u?d t? cover the work ??ntr??t ??r??d plus thr?? m?nth?.
  • Pl???? n?t?: Th? Blue C?rd w?ll ?x??r? ?f ??u leave Germany f?r m?r? th?n 12 m?nth?. The same ???l??? t? ??ur family m?mb?r? ?f th??r r???d?n?? permit ?? t??d to your Blu? Card.

Fee Structure:

A??l???t??n for issuance ?? ?r?und €140 wh?l? ?t? renewal g??? f?r €100.

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