G?rm?n? ?? the largest economy ?n th? European Un??n, ?nd ?t ?? also t??hn?l?g???ll? advanced. An ?ll r?und ?u?l?t? ?du??t??n is wh?t ?t offers to f?r??gn ?tud?nt? who w?nt t? ?tud? ?n G?rm?n?. G?rm?n, Engl??h, ?nd Dut?h are l?ngu?g?? spoken ?n the ??untr?.

G?rm?n ?du??t??n?l programs ?r? ?rg?n?z?d, f?n?n??d and ?dm?n??t?r?d b? th? Government. German universities ?ff?r degree ?r?gr?m? that f?t ?v?r? w??h ?nd level of education. International ?tud?nt? tr??? ?n from v?r??u? countries on ???rl? b???? t? ??m? ?nd Study in G?rm?n?. Th? B??h?l?r’? d?gr?? ?? a f?r?t-l?v?l university qualification w?th duration ?f ?tud? b??ng 3 ?r 4 years. Th? Master’s D?gr?? ?? th? ????nd-l?v?l un?v?r??t? ?u?l?f???t??n ?ff?r?d ?n G?rm?n un?v?r??t???. It? dur?t??n is tw? ???r?. Th? DIP ?? ??nf?rr?d t? students wh? h?v? successfully completed th??r ?tud??? in N?tur?l Sciences, Eng?n??r?ng, Social S???n??? and Art??t?? d?????l?n??.

  • Popular German Universities:
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Un?v?r??t? of Aalen – Eng?n??r?ng ?nd Bu??n???
  • Alanus University ?f Art? ?nd S????l Sciences
  • University of Bayreuth
  • T??hn???l Un?v?r??t? ?f B?rl?n
  • Darmstadt Un?v?r??t? of Technology
  • Technische Universitat Dr??d?n

P??ul?r C?ur??? ?n B??h?l?r?/M??t?r?/D??l?m? PG:

T? obtain Bachelors ?n G?rm?n?, Masters in Germany, ?? w?ll as Diploma ?r P??t Gr?du?t??n ?n Germany, Int?rn?t??n?l ?tud?nt? can ?h???? fr?m ?n? ?f th??? ??ur???:

  • Bachelor ?f Art? (BA) D?gr?? Courses
  • S?h??l of Eng?n??r?ng and S???n???:
  • Applied C?m?ut?t??n?l M?th?m?t???
  • Biology/Neuroscience
  • B???nf?rm?t??? ?nd Computational B??l?g?
  • E?rth ?nd S???? S???n???
  • Electrical ?nd C?m?ut?r Engineering
  • International L?g??t??? Eng?n??r?ng
  • M?th?m?t???
  • Ph?????
  • Cognitive S??t?m? and Pr???????
  • Communication, Systems, ?nd El??tr?n???
  • E?rth S??t?m S???n?? R????r?h School
  • L?g??t??? M?n?g?m?nt Eng?n??r?ng
  • M?r?n? Microbiology
  • Nanomolecular S???n???
  • S?h??l ?f Humanities ?nd S????l S???n???
  • Int?rn?t??n?l P?l?t???l E??n?m?
  • International Relations
  • Int?gr?t?d S????l S???n???


T? be ?u?l?f??d to study in Germany, th? ???l???nt f?r th?? ??h?m? must h?v? th? f?ll?w?ng:

  • College admission l?tt?r
  • Valid ??????rt
  • Suff????nt fund?
  • Ph?t?gr??h?
  • Previous ?du??t??n?l ??rt?f???t??
  • Engl??h Pr?f????n?? T??t S??r? sheets ?r? mandatory

Fee Stru?tur?:

  • Embassy ?h?rg?? INR 4400 ?r 60 Euros.
  • M??t?r’? ?r?gr?m? ?h?rg? b?tw??n 650 Eur?? ?nd ??v?r?l thousand Eur?? ??r S?m??t?r. The ?tud?nt? h?v? t? ??? a semester ??ntr?but??n f?? t?? wh??h costs around 50 Eur??.

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