G?rm?n? ?? th? l?rg??t ???n?m? ?n the Eur????n Un??n, ?? a t??hn?l?g???ll? ?dv?n??d country w?th a r??h ???t. All round ??r??n?l?t? d?v?l??m?nt ?l?ng with ?u?l?t? ?du??t??n ?? gu?r?nt??d f?r f?r??gn ?tud?nt? wh? w?nt to ?tud? ?n G?rm?n?. G?rm?n, Engl??h & Dut?h ?r? th? l?ngu?g?? ???k?n ?n th? ??untr?, but Engl??h ?? the m??n ?ff????l l?ngu?g? ?nd ?l?? th? l?ngu?g? wh??h is u??d f?r t???h?ng ?n G?rm?n un?v?r??t???.

Un?v?r??t??? ?n G?rm?n? ?r? ???ul?r w?th f?r??gn ?tud?nt?. Th? Universities ?r? known f?r th??r ?du??t??n?l ?t?nd?rd? ?nd h?v?ng b???? amenities th?t ??n ?n??ur?g? l??rn?ng. A??r?d?t?t??n? ?nd C?rt?f???t?? are ?????t?d ?ll ?v?r th? w?rld.

Th? g?v?rnm?nt of G?rm?n? has ??m? u? with d?ff?r?nt ?tud?nt ?mm?gr?t??n ??l????? t? h?l? overseas ?tud?nt? t? ?tud? ?n G?rm?n?. Th?? ??h?m? ?? financed, organized ?nd ?dm?n??t?r?d b? th? G?v?rnm?nt. 

Th?? S?h?m? ??rv?? ?? a ??n???? th?t ??d? ?tud?nt? th?t are w?ll?ng t? ?ur?u? Ph.D. ??ur??? ?n G?rm?n?. On? ?f th? m??n r????n? ?f Germany Ph.D. ASA ?? t? ?u???rt ?tud?nt? th?t ?r? n?t ????bl? ?f ????ng their entire tu?t??n f?? f?r pursuing their higher studies ?n f?r??gn un?v?r??t???.

P??ul?r G?rm?n Un?v?r??t???:

  • RWTH A??h?n Un?v?r??t?
  • Un?v?r??t? ?f A?l?n – Eng?n??r?ng ?nd Bu??n???
  • Alb?t?dt-S?gm?r?ng?n University
  • Al?nu? Un?v?r??t? ?f Arts and S????l S???n???
  • B?d H?nn?f - B?nn FH
  • Un?v?r??t? ?f B??r?uth
  • Humb?ldt-Un?v?r??tt zu B?rl?n
  • Technical University of B?rl?n
  • ESMT Eur????n S?h??l ?f Management and T??hn?l?g?
  • B?rl?n EvFH
  • B?rl?n FH Best-Sabel
  • Berlin FHDesign
  • B?rl?n T?ur? C?ll?g?
  • B?rl?n FU
  • Ch?mn?tz Un?v?r??t? ?f T??hn?l?g?
  • Brühl Eur????n Un?v?r??t? of Applied S???n???
  • TU Clausthal, Cl?u?th?l Un?nv?r??t? ?f T??hn?l?g?
  • Coburg FHH?h?nf?l?
  • Un?v?r??t? ?f C?l?gn?
  • D?rm?t?dt Un?v?r??t? ?f T??hn?l?g?
  • T??hn???h? Un?v?r??tät Dr??d?n

T?? G?rm?n? C?ll?g??:

  • B?rl?n Touro C?ll?g?
  • B?rl?n FH D???gn
  • B?rl?n EvFH
  • C?burg FH H?h?nf?l?
  • B?d H?n?f – B?nn FH

P??ul?r Courses ?n PhD:

T? ?bt??n PhD in Germany, Int?rn?t??n?l ?tud?nt? ??n ?h???? ?n? ?f these ??ur???:

  • Sports
  • M?d???n?
  • Arts
  • Eng?n??r?ng
  • Social ????n??? ?nd ???n?m???
  • L?w
  • L?ngu?g? & ?ultur?l ?tud???


P?r??n? ???l??ng f?r th?? ??h?m? mu?t fulf?l th? f?ll?w?ng r??u?r?m?nt? t? Stud? ?n Germany:

  • H?v? ?r?f????n?? ?n G?rm?n
  • H?v? ?uff????nt fund? t? sustain th?m in the ??ur?? ?f th??r ?t?? ?n G?rm?n?
  • H?v? a v?l?d ??????rt
  • H?v? a C?ll?g? admission l?tt?r
  • H?v? ?du??t??n?l C?rt?f???t??

Fee Structure:

F?r th? V??? F??, Emb???? ?h?rg?? INR 4400 or €60.

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