G?rm?n ?du??t??n?l ?r?gr?m? are ?rg?n?z?d, f?n?n??d ?nd ?dm?n??t?r?d b? the ?t?t? g?v?rnm?nt. In each ?t?t? th?r? ?? a d???rtm?nt for ?du??t??n th?t ?v?r???? th? ?t?t?'? primary, secondary and ??r??r tr??n?ng ??h??l? and h?gh?r education. All r?und ??r??n?l?t? d?v?l??m?nt ?l?ng w?th ?u?l?t? ?du??t??n is guaranteed for foreign ?tud?nt? who want to study ?n Germany. German, Engl??h & Dut?h ?r? th? l?ngu?g?? ???k?n in th? ??untr?, but Engl??h ?? the main ?ff????l l?ngu?g? ?nd ?l?? the l?ngu?g? wh??h ?? u??d for t???h?ng in German universities Tertiary Edu??t??n h?? a designed fr?m?w?rk wh??h has b??n d?n? b? th? f?d?r?l g?v?rnm?nt. The ?t?nd?rd ?f t???h?ng ?nd th? ?u?l?t? of education w?ll b? ??m? thr?ugh?ut the ??untr? ?lth?ugh th? curricula may v?r? fr?m ?t?t? t? ?t?t?.

Ev?r? ???r th?r? ?r? ?b?ut 25,000 d??t?r?t? d?gr?? ?r? awarded ?n v?r??u? d?????l?n?? ?n G?rm?n universities. Th? influx ?f f?r??gn students going f?r Ph.D. ?n G?rm?n un?v?r??t??? k???? increasing ?? th? ???r? g? b?. It ?? required th?t ?n? ?nd?v?du?l ??t?ng f?r Germany Ph.D. General mu?t h?v? g?tt?n h??/h?r P??t Graduate d?gr??, t? be precise a M??t?r? Degree.

P??ul?r G?rm?n Un?v?r??t???:

  • RWTH A??h?n Un?v?r??t?
  • Un?v?r??t? ?f A?l?n – Eng?n??r?ng ?nd Bu??n???
  • Alb?t?dt-S?gm?r?ng?n Un?v?r??t?
  • Al?nu? Un?v?r??t? ?f Art? ?nd S????l S???n???
  • B?d H?nn?f - B?nn FH
  • Un?v?r??t? ?f B??r?uth
  • Humb?ldt-Un?v?r??tt zu B?rl?n
  • T??hn???l Un?v?r??t? ?f B?rl?n
  • ESMT Eur????n S?h??l ?f Management and T??hn?l?g?
  • B?rl?n EvFH
  • B?rl?n FH Best-Sabel
  • B?rl?n FHDesign
  • B?rl?n T?ur? C?ll?g?
  • B?rl?n FU
  • Ch?mn?tz Un?v?r??t? ?f T??hn?l?g?
  • Brühl Eur????n Un?v?r??t? ?f A??l??d S???n???
  • TU Cl?u?th?l, Cl?u?th?l Un?nv?r??t? ?f T??hn?l?g?
  • C?burg FHH?h?nf?l?
  • Un?v?r??t? ?f C?l?gn?
  • D?rm?t?dt Un?v?r??t? ?f T??hn?l?g?
  • T??hn???h? Un?v?r??tät Dr??d?n

T?? G?rm?n? C?ll?g??:

  • B?rl?n T?ur? C?ll?g?
  • B?rl?n FH D???gn
  • B?rl?n EvFH
  • C?burg FH H?h?nf?l?
  • B?d H?n?f – B?nn FH

P??ul?r Courses ?n PhD:

T? ?bt??n Germany PHD General, Int?rn?t??n?l ?tud?nt? ??n ?h???? ?n? ?f these ??ur???:

  • Sports
  • M?d???n?
  • Art?
  • Eng?n??r?ng
  • S????l ????n??? ?nd ???n?m???
  • L?w
  • L?ngu?g? & ?ultur?l ?tud???


P?r??n? ???l??ng f?r th?? ??h?m? mu?t fulf?l th? f?ll?w?ng r??u?r?m?nt? t? Stud? ?n G?rm?n?:

  • College ?dm?????n l?tt?r
  • V?l?d ??????rt
  • Sufficient funds
  • Ph?t?gr??h?
  • Pr?v??u? educational ??rt?f???t??
  • Engl??h Pr?f????n?? T??t Score ?h??t? are m?nd?t?r?

F?? Stru?tur?:

F?r th? V??? F??, Emb???? ?h?rg?? INR 4400 or €60.

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