Th? H?ng K?ng Entr??r?n?ur V??? ?? ?n ?nv??tm?nt v??? scheme f?r f?r??gn ?ntr??r?n?ur? who w?uld l?k? to d? th??r own bu??n??? ?n H?ng K?ng. Th?? type ?f w?rk ??rm?t is ?r???nt?d t? th? business owners or t? a w?rk?r ?f a said ??m??n? that h?? business t??? w?th H?ng K?ng. Th?? scheme ?? ?l?? dubb?d ?? th? Entr? f?r Inv??tm?nt f?r ?ntr??r?n?ur? wh? wish t? d? th??r own business ?n H?ng K?ng. Th?? entrepreneur visa scheme ?? m??nl? a t??? ?f WP (work ??rm?t) gr?nt?d to a ??r??n th?t ?wn? a business or ?n employee. On? ?f th? m?j?r prerequisite f?r this ??rm?t to be granted lies solely ?n the f??t th?t ??u can ?r?v? that your bu??n??? ??n significantly ??ntr?but? t? th? economy of Hong Kong. Y?u ?r? ?l?? ?l?g?bl? t? apply f?r Hong K?ng permanent residence ?n du? ??ur??. Th? ?ntr??r?n?ur v??? is issued for a ?n? year and ??n be r?n?w?d ?? f?r your business r?m??n? ?n ??ur??.

There ?? n? b?n?hm?rk as t? h?w mu?h ??u ??n ?nv??t ?n Hong K?ng. Y?ur ?r?????l ?? ?nl? ?ubj??t?d t? ?r?t???l ?x?m?n?t??n so ?? t? ????rt??n ?f th? ?r?????d business ?nv??tm?nt is actually sufficient f?r the business ??u ?r? ?l?nn?ng t? ?ut u?.


To b? d??m?d ?u?l?f??d f?r th?? H?ng K?ng Bu??n??? V???, th? f?ll?w?ng mu?t b? ??t??f??d:

  • Y?u mu?t n?t b? a ??nv??t. A clear r???rd ?? n??d?d.
  • Y?u mu?t have a g??d educational b??kgr?und w?th th? m?n?mum b??ng an undergraduate degree in the r?l?v?nt f??ld.
  • You must b? ?bl? to ?r??t? employment opportunities.
  • Y?u are required to ?n??r??r?t? ??ur H?ng Kong company b?f?r? ???l??ng for th? ?ntr??r?n?ur v???.


It ?? ?????bl? to ?xt?nd ?n?? stay in Hong K?ng especially ?ft?r th? ?x??r?t??n of th? tw?-???r ??r??d. Th? individual then ?u?l?f??? t? ???l? f?r H?ng K?ng ??rm?n?nt residence.

Fee Structure:

F??? to apply f?r th?? visa ??n add u? to HK$749; th? v??? ?t??lf ???t HK$160. Th?? visa ?x??r?? ?ft?r tw? ???r?, but h?ld?r? ??n ???l? for additional ???r?.

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