South Africa Business Visit Visa

It’s not by chance that South Africa is known as Rainbow Nation, but in fact the country has become as an abode for a varied group of individuals with diverse cultural, religious and linguistic back grounds. People aim to relocate to South Africa for varied reasons and business is one among those.

If you are an overseas national, who want to visit South Africa as a temporary basics for sightseeing or business for a period up to 90 days, then you need to obtain South Africa Business visit visa. 

South Africa Business visit visa

This visa enables overseas nationals to enter and reside in South Africa for a certain period of time that too for the purpose of business. This visa may be issued for the individuals for the purpose of attending business meetings or attending conferences. This visa is also granted for the overseas nationals to carry out some voluntary activities or research.


·         A valid passport with not less than 30 day time period

·         Document stating the purpose of visit

·         Enough funds to survive in a foreign nation

·         Letter of invitation from South African organization

·         Onwards tickets to return to their native land after the purpose of their travel

As South Africa is a rapidly growing nation, there exist a number of industries. So, for some or other reason professionals may required to visit South Africa for some work related purpose. If the professional is from overseas national, then he or she may definitely require a South African business visit visa.

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