EB-5 Visa


Foreign nationals can acquire green cards of USA under EB-5 visa if they invest $1,000,000 or a minimum of $500,000 in a 'Targeted Employment Area' creating a minimum of 10 jobs for workers in USA apart from the investor and close family members.


EB-5 investors have to invest in a new commercial enterprise, which is established

1.      After 29 November 1990, or

2.      On or prior to 29 Nov 1990 , that means

            1. Purchased and the present business is reorganized in the manner that a new commercial enterprise will be the outcome.

            2. Extended the business as a result of which there is an increase of 40 percent in number of employees and net worth.


Applicants and the dependents approved of EB-5 visa will be granted permanent residence applicable for two years. Under 90 days prior to the expiry of the permanent residence, the investor has to provide proof in the form of documentation that investment was made completely and the required 10 jobs were created or will be created under reasonable time duration.

Types of Business investment

The applicant of EB-5 visa can invest on a range of business entities, which includes investment in a regional center or a new commercial enterprise based on the choice. If the applicant intends to invest in a new enterprise he or she has to make sure that the company earns benefits thereby help in the growth of US economy. If the investor intends to set up an own enterprise individually then he or she has to invest in EB-5 Regional Centers, which would be an added advantage as he or she do not require to establish EB-5 project independently

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